Meet Melisa Nicole…The Rebrand

It was 8 years ago, when I decided to finally join Instagram to see what all the hype was about. I joined with the name Choc_Empress. Choc because I’m often described as chocolate, or dark skinned, due to my complexion, and Empress because I view myself as a Queen (you dun know!). Having been on IG for the past 8 years now, I’ve had some very special moments tied to the name. The first being celebrity makeup artist, Tatiana Ward, posting me on her IG feed for doing my makeup the night my husband proposed (unbeknownst to her and ME) and again for my wedding. The second was when Kleinfeld made my bridal dreams come true by asking for some wedding photos to share on their website. It was these social media moments at some of the most important times in my life that caused me to hold onto a social media handle that I had outgrown. Sometimes I felt as if changing my name would somehow cause me to lose those moments where I felt “seen” in the digital world. Also, it was those special moments that taught me that social media can actually connect you to people and brands that you probably would not have otherwise had access to.

Choc_Empress still holds a special place in my heart, but now, I want to evolve into more than a woman who enjoys fashion. I’ve realized that I want my digital footprint to include more of me, both professionally and personally. That and the fact that my creative strategist, Kala Riggins, said, “It’s time.” She keeps it 100 with me! The name change to Melisa Nicole is because I do not want to be put into a box. I want to have open and honest dialogue with you. I want to talk about marriage, working in Corporate America, finances, traveling, starting a family and everything in between.

Allow me to reintroduce myself…my name is Melisa (pronounced the same as Melissa) Nicole. Journey with me…

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