Create Like an ICCON Content Workshop with Cris Cavallari

Sunday, I attended Cris Cavallari’s first content workshop. 🗣GIRLLLLLL, it was everything I needed and more. I have been following Cris on IG for almost a decade, and she is EVERY BIT of a style and creative icon both on and off the gram. So when I saw her post about a content workshop that included a complimentary portrait session, I knew I wanted to be there.

Since the invitation was by a selection process, I completed the form, said a prayer, and let God do the rest. 13 days later, the following email was in my inbox…Won’t He do it!!

Upon receiving the email, I was ELATED!!! My first thought was, I have to book my makeup artist, Shantelle, followed by, what am I going to wear? Knowing Cris’ motto is “Always Icconic, Never Trendy”, I knew I was going with a classic look with a pop of color. Because I LOVE color! Once the look finally came together, I texted Shantelle the details. I’m putting this text message in here because Shantelle got my eyeshadow to match my blazer to the T. She only had this photo to go off of because I didn’t change into my outfit until after my makeup was completed. I was so excited and nervous for the workshop that I didn’t even think to bring the blazer downstairs for her to see it in person. Now that’s what I call skills….OKAY!

Now let’s get to the ambiance, the vibes, the energy. The energy flowing through ICCON HQ was transforming, inspiring, and encouraging. As Cris entered the room she began to cry because she was overwhelmed with so much gratitude that we showed up for her, that we invested in ourselves AND her. Some women flew in from Chicago, Atlanta, and North Carolina; some drove from Brooklyn and Maryland to name a few places. Cris came in and embraced us one by one. From that moment, I knew I was right where I belonged.

This wasn’t your typical workshop where you sit and take notes at a desk or table; instead, it felt more like a masterclass. Cris told us about her start in social media, answered our questions, and then we had hands-on learning on; how to pose, take pictures, and videos as a solo content creator.

Y’allllll, Cris told me (still blushing 😊😊) that I had the BEST look because I can style it multiple ways. That reassured me that, ya girl knows what she is doingggggggg lol. To be complimented by the ICCON herself made my whole day!

This was a wonderful workshop. Cris is so genuine and honest. She made me feel at home. I would recommend this workshop to anyone looking for tips on how to elevate their content. You’ll learn, meet, and connect with some amazing people. Y’all know I’m an introvert and even I took some ladies up on their offer to have dinner after the workshop. I’m so glad I did because the conversation was intriguing and uplifting. We ate and talked for another 5 hours.

I left the workshop feeling confident and ready to create content without overthinking it. I’m so glad I invested in myself and looking forward to deepening the connections I made.

Top 5 things I learned

  1. Don’t overthink or force it. Stop second-guessing.
  2. Do what you want, the people will come. Stop worrying about the followers.
  3. Be consistent.
  4. Have fun!
  5. Be you. It’s too hard to keep up a facade.

Are you a content creator? Have you ever attended a content workshop? If so, what did you learn?


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