We’re Homeowners…We Got Them Keys, The Keys, The Keys!!!

Click the photo above to see my IG post for this joyous day

We bought our first house a year ago today with our FAVORITE realtor, Asia_PhillyRealtor. Asia made sure we had a smooth transition. If you’re looking for a GREAT realtor check her out! From elementary school to the closing table!! She did that!

Check out some of our photos from that day. Despite Asia making sure everything was smooth on her end, it wasn’t as smooth on the end of our Mortgage Broker. We actually had to meet at the closing table TWICE…yeah, you read that write TWICE. AND we had to go to the bank TWICE as well to get more money due to the Mortgage Broker’s error, but when JESUS says YES, nobody can say NO!

Next up celebration TIME! This jubilant occasion called for us to bring out our wedding champagne flutes. The hubby and I aren’t really champagne drinkers BUT BA-BABY this champagne was GUD!

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